Sunday, 29 December 2013


We all have at least one record we've always wanted, but money or rarity permitting, we just can't get it! I've thought long and hard about these records; at the moment this is concentrated on original 45's. I love a good record, but if you look at the whopping prices attached to these records, you have no choice but to wave goodbye until you see another copy going cheaper (if you're lucky!).

So, coming in at No. 5, we have Light My Fire by the Ebony Rhythm Band. Now, this is in at number 5 purely because it didn't come out on 7". The original by The Doors was haunting yet sensual anyway, before these guys got their hands on it. With the Hammond drueling it's notes all over the score at one point before coming in with that shrill Hammond-tastic sound in the chorus, it makes it hard to believe that it's not the original. Take a listen here, you won't be disappointed.
Next? Coming in at a modest No. 4, we see "You Can't Go" by Lonnie Lester on Nu-Tone Records. I've been aware of LL for a while now but it's only recently my ears have picked up this gooden. It's a tune that starts off fast-paced R&B but has little elements of Northern Soul too. What's the reason why I can't have this 45? Two reasons; 1. It's quite a rare one. 2. The original is floating around places like MusicStack and eBay for typical prices around 110GBP (mortgage-worthy with my wage!). His yearning voice just brings me into a state of confusion, wishing myself into a room full of Dandy Bloomers cutting rug to this heartstring-pulling tune. Here it is in action:
Number 3 was a tough one to decide. It's a close one, but here we find It's Your Voodoo Working by Charles Sheffield on Excello Records. This was the first record I found without being spoon fed tunes from a box of tasty 45's. This is another sleazy one featuring the line "Slow down baby, you're going too fast/I love this voodoo but it just can't last." You make your own mind up on that one! Once again, the reason why this record is just a pipe dream for now is because the record is currently going around the 300-400GBP mark (in the last 6 months or so) so.. A re-mortgage is needed for this one. Here it is, fighting it's corner for why it's so damn expensive!!
In at a very close number 2 is Piney Brown's Sugar In My Tea on MAD Records. This one no doubt has a New Orleans feel to it with is sexy brass section backing up the vocals with it's emerging and stabbing notes. I love the guitar's tone, reminiscent (in a contemporary kind-o-way) of Ike Turner's signature tone. Beautiful tune. This tune is rare as hens teeth, yet it goes for a modest price of around 70GBP. Selling one? I'd be more than interested.
In at number 1. It's a controversial choice, but he's definitely a winner. Nick Waterhouse is a record appreciator in his own right, never mind his own releases. He's in the number 1 slot with "Some Place", which was a single released on Pres Records before his current stint on Innovative Leisure. At the moment it's knocking around 40-60GBP. Again, it's a rare one which is why it's peak was around 160GBP. Here he is, not only is he aurally pleasing but he is aesthetically pleasing too... So watch the live version ladies.

So what do you think of my Top 5 wanted records? If you have of yours to share, whatever the genre, list them below in the comments! Just a quick reminder, Dandy Bloom will be at the Railway Hotel in Southend on NYE playing music of this ilk. It's free entry, so come along and shuffle your way into 2014!!

So, until 2014...

Over and Out!


  1. Excellent stuff. The Ebony Rhythm Band version of Light My Fire is a favourite of mine too. My current want is an album (as opposed to a 45) by Richie Cole called 'The Keeper of the Flame'. A rollicking good jazz album that is currently unavailable on CD. My Dad has a copy and it has always been a favourite of mine.

    1. I'll give that a listen, Mark. Always up for more knowledge on jazz artists.

  2. Nice choice Kate, my favourite there is the Lonnie Lester but the Nick Waterhouse is very good too.
    I have always a long lists of wants and would love a first press with the blue text of Electric Ladyland - Jimi Hendrix, but these are going up to £2000 in near mint condition. I would also like a first mono press of Miles Davis's Kind of Blue on the Fontana label but then again these go for big money in mint condition.

    1. Great stuff, seems I'm only touching the surface when it comes to record prices! Why particularly a mono pressing?

  3. That's a great bagful of beauties. And some new to me tunes too..

    Luckily the sides I'm after, except one haven't been off the scale - and have found for around fivers.

    Heads Hands and Feet - Warming Up The Band

    The Dells - There Is

    Harold Betters - Do Anything You Wanna..

    Luther Ingram - It's All The Same To You Babe/ Exus Trek. Is way out of my league and up in the hundreds