Sunday, 1 December 2013

Afternoon, readers!

I hope you enjoyed your Sunday morning breakfast, now let's introduce ourselves; my name's Kate.

I used to write a blog a year or so ago, before my dreaded dissertation got in the way. I was writing about Stiff Records and how I believed they changed the music industry in various ways, and came to an inconclusive end. So now that chapter has finished, another shall begin. So here I am again, setting up shop! 

This blog will be chock-a-block with 45 & LP reviews, interviews and possibly a word on the past week's news. My first post will be an interview with UK artist Big Boy Bloater from Big Boy Bloater and The Limits, who only last month (9th Nov) was the backing band for non other than Young Jessie. If you're not aware, Young Jessie started performing in the early '50s to present - his songs were made famous by other artists such as Big Mama Thornton and Elvis. 

[Picture taken from Jukebox Jam's twitter @Juke_Jam]

Now, to be a UK artist backing up such a reputable act is astonishing. What's his secret?! Next Sunday we will all find out. Watch out musicians, I will be throwing in a few equipment-based questions - and for 5T's/6T's music bods, I've put in a few questions for you guys too.

So until then...

Over and out.

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