Sunday, 22 December 2013

** THE NEW RECORD!! + today's Beatles Convention!!**

As we all know, the Railway are infamous for those kind of events that're mashed together to create that night out to remember. But they've rebranded Sunday afternoons as the new time to be shakin'-a-leg featuring Mo Fingers, Martin McNeill, The Baseys (who was well featured in my last blog) amongst other brilliant bands and musicians. But today marks the 5th annual Beatles Convention. In it's earlier years, it was noticed by workers of Apple Corps themselves, who kindly donated canvas prints of The Beatles to the Railway.

So. this is what happens; Fi or Dave Dulake (owners of the Music hideaway, The a Railway Hotel) posts the green light on the Railway Hotel's Facebook group asking everyone to list their song(s) of choice to play this Christmas. The beauty is; no one can cover the same song.. (In theory!)

So, in you fancy sitting back, ordering a bit of grub and watching the musicians of Southend *Come Together* (did ya get that one?!) in the name of the Fab Four to recreate parts of their back catalogue, come along!


Smashing news! Just in.. I have a record that's been added to my collection fresh from the US! It's the classic "My Babe" by Little Walter with a nice dancin' blooze B Side to boot. So that'll be played at my little cameo at NYE's Dandy Bloom. I'm off blogging duties until next Sunday, I'm off to enjoy the Beatles Convention (which starts around 3ish today, in true Railway style).

I hope all my readers have a fantastic Christmas, and have a happy and prosperous New Year...

Over and Out!

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