Sunday, 26 January 2014

It's a bit of a mix-up this week! Bowie-crazy, and record mad...

So this week has been a busy, yet productive one. Let's start off with what came in the post Tuesday. After months of requesting the same record Dandy Bloom after Dandy Bloom, I finally bagged a purchase of Nappy Brown's Coal Miner on Savoy. Original. *gasp*. It's neither hard nor easy to find, but the price for an amateur record collector like moi to foot a bill in the late 50's is jaw dropping!

Secondly, whilst on air with Mondo and Piley, the Podrophenia chat room gang revealed the fact that I haven't heard the proper works of David Bowie (exept the singles..) bad, I know. So we asked the forum what album they would recommend; there were a few suggestions of Ziggy Stardusts, a couple calling for Heroes, but the overall majority called for Hunky Dory. Now this is where it gets interesting... I was speaking to my Driving Instructor on Friday about the same subject and this was where he swore by Low.


You guessed it. This is the introduction to a battle of all battles. Low vs Hunky Dory. 

Last but not least.. As some readers may know about my ongoing quest to find a career path that suits me, I have been reading up on the workings of the underrated booking agents of the music industry! If anyone personally knows a booking agent who wouldn't mind speaking to me about their industry, get in touch!

On that note... I'm going to soak up Low and Hunky Dory to give you my verdict for next Sunday. Until then...

Over and Out!

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