Sunday, 16 February 2014

These past two weeks have been as hectic as anything...

I'm still brewing the Hunky Dory vs Low review.. I swear! This is just a check-in so you know I haven't deserted you all.

Last night I DJ'd at Dandy Bloom along with Lewis M, George M and Lee R. Fantastic night had by all and boy - my feet were crippled by the end. So right now, I'm watching the Office (UK, obviously) recuperating from last night along with bracing myself for extra cover shifts at work all this week, Monday onwards.

Another note - I won't be turning knobs for Podrophenia's show on this Thursday due to work cover (boohoo). But have fun guys. I'll be listening in! (Either on Podcast or live)..

Until next Sunday...

Over and Out.

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