Sunday, 19 January 2014

Thursday is the new Friday!

It seems the weekend antics have infected its way through to Thursday, now. It's official. So, I've been invited out so many places this week, all on the same night. Peggy Sue's Piano Bar for Dave Woodcock's Open Mic Night? Shangri-La @ the Railway for some acoustic chill-out time (although I believe it's monthly now)? Or producing Mondo and Piley's Podrophenia on the Ship Full of Bombs... 

Well, seeing as I'm going to do the latter, you should all listen in! A bit of banter between the listeners of the Pod, Mondo and Piley with the usual cackling in the background from myself wouldn't do you any harm.

I hope you enjoyed John Clark's guest post - the normality will resume from me next week! I promise!!

Until then,

Over and Out...

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  1. Huzzah and hats off you for you miss. It'll be a blast, Glad you're onboard for it..