Sunday, 1 March 2015

I'm back... Have you missed me?!

Evening readers... Ahead of tonight's ramblings, I hope your bellies are full of this afternoon's roast and you're chilling ready for a week's worth of work (or play). So... what's brought me back?

I made a last minute dash to Limerick for the day yesterday as I saw a brilliant return trip for £19.98 (£9.99 each way) on the Ryanair website. I couldn't really say no, could I? Seeing as I've only ever travelled abroad with family (and that was only once, too), I was a nervous wreck. I didn't know what to expect.

So there I was, bleary eyed at 7:20am roaming around Stansted Airport using only the footsteps of others to guide me. I gave up in the end and asked the nearest customer assistant to guide me through what I had to do. Sure enough, it was almost as easy as how he explained (along with a shout of "GOOD LUCK!" when I left him for the security queue) - we were off!

Obligatory window seat photo.
I got off the plane at Shannon Airport and made my way to the 51 service ran by BusEireann just outside the airport doors. I inhaled deeply as I stepped one foot in front of the other, admittedly getting slightly nervous.

What's my verdict? The Milk Market itself is a reason to go, alone. A beautiful clothing shop by the name of The Edge Clothing Co., an interesting and thoughtful Chocolatier's stall/shop named Wilde Irish Chocolates which catered for a wide variety of chocoholics, and a variety of farm produce stalls to boot. I was in heaven and I've not even named all the other stalls either! There were so many back alleys full of small shops and pubs. It really was a sight to see wherever you went, which made me feel ever more the explorer.

For £20 (which costs less than getting into London from Southend), I think you'd be missing something pretty special if you didn't take up a chance to visit Ireland's Limerick for a day.

Thank you for reading, and until next time...

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