Tuesday, 27 May 2014

So.. I'm back!!

Hello readers! (... If you're still there...)

I've had a massive bout of writer's block, due to so many things going on. But I'm back. I'm BACK! And what am I back with? A new adventure I'm about to set out on. 

So. What is it, you ask. I have recently acquired a Brother LS17 sewing machine  ready to make some garments. One of my ex-workmates made me a dress from a pattern, and it came out so well. So naturally I thought.. "What's the worst that could happen?"

I'm sure I will update you all with my different outcomes. I will be starting with a simple singlet-top, working up to a dress! And just to remind you, I will still be reporting on my musical finds - this is just another branch of my interests!

Lovely to be back, over and out...

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